In recent times, we have witnessed how the beliefs and attitudes toward marijuana have changed, from prohibition to decriminalization in some countries. While marijuana use remains illegal in much of the world, many governments are increasingly tolerant of the use of this plant. A good example is Europe and the United States, where many States have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, and in some cases even its recreational use.

With this new position towards cannabis, a higher number of research, products, and possibilities come to our hands. Cannabis-based products such CBD (Cannabidiol) oil are increasingly popular, (even though in many countries they continue to be illegal) basically because most people who try them get a quick solution to problems that traditional medicine has not been able to solve. Given the proliferation of these products, it is necessary to clarify the difference between cannabis oil, marijuana and hemp oil, two products with medicinal properties, but different in the production process and its therapeutic effects.


What is CBD (Cannabidiol) oil?


Medical marijuana or CBD hemp oil is the oil produced from the flowers (buds) obtained from the plant. More specifically, this oil corresponds to extraction of cannabinoids (the active ingredients of marijuana with medicinal properties) from the flowers, which are the structures of the plant that produce mostly the trichomes that contain the cannabinoids.

As it is a highly concentrated solution of cannabinoids, it is mainly used to treat severe pain, such as the side effects of chemotherapy, epilepsy, and cancer. It is a costly oil to produce since a large quantity of flowers is needed to obtain a few milliliters of oil. In the official market, that is, where it is legal to market (mainly the US and Europe). In countries where marijuana is still illegal, its value can easily triple, because the cost of obtaining marijuana is much higher (any product below this value will be of low concentration or may be a hoax). Therefore, many people prefer to grow and produce it at home.

Those who are lucky enough to live in a country where the use of cannabis is legal will be able to find different types of oil depending on which cannabinoid is in the highest concentration. The CBD oil will have mainly cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid and very useful in cases of epilepsy. You can also find oil with a higher level of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, beneficial for pain, increased appetite, nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, etc. It will be the same user together with a specialist who will have to determine what type of oil and concentration will be useful in each case.


How can I use CBD oil to treat pain?


If you choose to take CBD oil orally, put the drops under your tongue and keep them there until they are fully absorbed in the mouth. Do not swallow them directly, but wait until they are completely incorporated. This makes digestion and absorption much more accessible. It can also be taken in the form of capsules or mixed with a drink.

Another method to take CBD oil is by vaporizing it. It can be consumed using vaporizers or different inhalers. This method is one of the fastest and has almost immediate effects. The CBD oil can also be directly applied to the patient’s skin since it can be given in skin lotion, balm or cream. You can always try several creams and see which one works best for you and which one seems to be the easiest for you to use. It depends mostly on your routine and your body.


CBD oil with potential results:


There are thousands of people who have been using CBD oil to relieve pain, and many of them have told their stories of how it helped them to alleviate it. In a popular website about CBD oils, Shelly shared with everyone that she had had traumatic wounds in her brain five years ago and she used to have severe headaches, and after starting to use CBD oil, the pain and pressure disappeared for the first time after his incident. Also, she added that she felt calm as the oil helped her with her anxiety problems.

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Dosage of CBD oil for pain


How the studies explain, there are very few guides available for the correct dosage of CBD oil. But with the increasing demand for this oil, people have begun to tell their personal stories and, based on their results, recommend the amount of CBD oil that they believe is most beneficial. The recommended amount varies depending on the age, weight, and height of each.

• For chronic pain, the recommended use would be between 2.5 and 20 mg for less than 25 days. The consumption should be oral for better results.

• For sleep regulation problems, each person can increase the intake of this oil to amounts of 40 to 160 mg.


The recommended method of use:


Use two times a day orally. Shake the container lightly before each use. Uncover the bottle and press the plunger to extract the CBD oil with the dropper:

• Place 2-5 drops under the tongue.
• Hold for 60 seconds, letting the oil absorb, then swallow. Close the bottle and store it in a cool place without exposure to sunlight.

It is advisable always to do tests with small doses so that you can rule out the likelihood of any allergy or unforeseen adverse effect. Do not consume in case of pregnancy or lactation period. Always consult a doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product.


Studies that support the use of CBD oil


Scientific laboratories began studies on the phenomenon of pain for the first time. Later, in the United States, more studies continued. In the Huffington Post, a trial led by Dr. Wai Liu, oncologists at the George University in London, concluded that the use of CBD oil would help reduce the effect of cancer cells and has more impact compared to other drugs. Some researchers experimented in 2011 in which it was concluded that the medicinal use of marijuana is of great help in curing the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

To conclude, we suggest the use of CBD oil as it has many medicinal properties that people can take advantage of. It helps reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, migraines, nausea, cancer-related symptoms, sore muscles, etc. Many people have adopted CBD oil and have noticed the difference. There are no side effects of risk in these oils. It is a natural pain reliever with many additional benefits. CBD oil also has the cancer property of psychoactive properties reacting in the brain, and there have already been laboratory studies in which the fact that CBD oil helps cure epilepsy is proven. If you want to get the best of CBD oil for pain treatment, buy CBD hemp oil online of high quality.

To have better results, we would suggest consulting a professional doctor before consuming CBD oil for the first time. They will be able to help you with the correct amount of oil you should take.