People diagnosed with anxiety and depression finally see a silver lining with the introduction of CBD edibles in the market. Enabling better sleep, decreased worrying thoughts, and overall improved quality of life, this brilliant product has finally given hope that these conditions, though incurable, can comprehensively be manageable with CBD products on the market.

These products are curated from the CBD oil extracts, which in turn, is extracted from a carefully selected form of cannabis. This means an increased concentration of CBD and minimal concentration of THC making up the product. CBD-based products unlock a whole different array of medicinal marijuana category – one that is accompanied by minimal psychoactive effects.

Many people are now consuming these over-the-counter prescriptions as an alternative to their usual medication and surprisingly have been reporting beneficial effects. From chronic inflammation to a persistently painful condition, even intractable insomnia, anxiety and depression have found to be treated with CBD gummies and other edibles.

It appears safe to say that CBD for depression and other mental disorder is yet to become one major breakthrough.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol commonly referred to as CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the plant of marijuana or hemp. The extracts can take the shape of edibles, tinctures, body oils, elixirs, balms, and various other products. In fact, since the introduction and legalization of marijuana in the United States, the market share is estimated to reach a tremendous $1 billion per year by 2020.

CBD holds the distinction to be the most thoroughly studied cannabinoid after THC. The scientists have seemed to be drawn to its potential therapeutic effects on the physical and mental health of human beings. This has led to extensive research on the subject from researchers all over the world. The cherry on top, this compound comes with absolutely zero psychoactive effects, a discovery that has made scientists believe this compound could potentially lead the way to cure the incurable!

The most significant discovery in this regards was made in the late 1980s. This was when scientists discovered the endogenous endocannabinoid system in the human body. A receptor-effector pathway within the human body (particularly CNS) that seem to regulate pain, sleep, appetite, mood, and hormonal balance. The body produces its own cannabinoids to act on these receptors to help regulate certain bodily functions.

However, this still seems ambiguous up till this point; let’s discuss the effects of CBD and THC in detail.


The primary problem with using products containing Cannabidiol is the misconception that they still some degree of “getting-high” element which most people like to avoid. There have been decades of misconception regarding Cannabidiol-based products and that anything derived as such, would definitely give you some degree unwanted ‘high.’ This made people avoid this drug at all costs.

What’s surprisingly pleasant is that though CBD and THC are acquired from the same marijuana plant, there are considerable differences between the structure of the two compounds. Thus their medicinal properties differ as well.

For starters, the ‘high’ is purely attributed to THC, whenever you consume marijuana in any form. This is safe to say that THC is the part which carries the psychoactive properties of the marijuana plant resulting in various effects inclusive of hunger, relaxation, reduced aggression, sleepiness, and altered senses, and so on.

Conversely, CBD is the non-psychoactive variant which can be found both in the agricultural hemp and cannabis plant. In contrast to other cannabinoids, which can be found in numerous plants, CBD can only be extracted from the cannabis plant.

Another apparent difference between the two compounds is that while THC remains an illegal drug (with potential longstanding adverse effects), CBD is harmless and effortlessly legal in many countries around the globe.

Effects of CBD

The reason why CBD products are celebrated for their medicinal properties is that that they come with little to no side effects for their other clinically available and applicable counterparts.

Cannabidiol has been nominated as a potentially viable treatment option through multiple studies. Best CBD gummies for anxiety, have increasingly found their use in regulating emotions, memory processing.
CBD oil gummies may also act as a viable tool in tackling the current opioid epidemic.

If we are to ask the uncountable individuals who’ve consumed cannabidiol, in the form of CBD gummies, oils, balms, and all sorts of edibles, most of them would say this compound has helped them sleep better, relax, cope with stress, and improve their overall quality of life.

Since the ‘CBD boom’ has only lately taken the world by surprise, imagine what exhilarating discoveries researchers might reveal in the coming years.

Can CBD Get You High?

From how we know CBD really works, the answer has to be a ‘no.’ The only constituent in the cannabis plant that can get you high is THC. Although companies and brands that deal with the sale and production of CBD oil gummies warn that various products may preserve small traces of THC, however, the dose is too small to get you high.

In fact, a current study discovered that even high doses of cannabidiol – be it in the form of edibles, balms, oils, elixirs, and so on – do not result in THC-like effects.

Once again, CBD proves to be a perfectly innocuous and safe compound which can alleviate various psychological and physical symptoms without giving you an undesirable ‘high.’

CBD Products

Most CBD products can be categorized as the following: oils and edibles. Let’s carry out an in-depth analysis of two types of products and see which one fits your predilections best.


CBD oil constitutes the new product category that has enjoyed increasing popularity and also contributes to the legalization of cannabis cultivation for medical use, an industry inflexibly regulated in countries that have chosen legalization.

With a cumulative demand for CBD oil (a base compound for many products) producers have taken advantage of the opportunities the internet provides and have taken over the virgin online portal. At the moment, you can buy CBD oil and other products and have them delivered straight to your home in over 40-50 countries around the globe.

CBD Edibles

As most of us are already familiar, CBD-based products come in various sizes and shapes. From oils, tinctures, elixirs, and balms, to sweets, chocolate, and even CBD-infused honey and CBD gummies for sale.

But out of all the choices that today’s CBD market has at its disposal, nothing has acquired popularity like the edibles. And who could blame us! Who wouldn’t want to take their ‘medicine’ in the form of a yummy gummy bear or a delightful piece of chocolate?

Considering the extensive variety of culinary selections that ‘weed brands’ can experiment with, you will, beyond a doubt, find a CBD edible to your individual liking.

CBD and Anxiety

At some point in our lives, all of us have probably dealt with the worrying symptoms of anxiety, may be transient or self-limited or the ones that required intervention. The insomniac nights; persistent feelings of worry; the inability to get a tackle our racing anxious thoughts.

However, there comes a time when these constant feelings of uneasiness are incorporated into our daily lives as a routine. This is where things can get quite overwhelming. When you can’t even gather the courage to get out of the bed, you risk getting behind on your job, which in turn gives rise to even more unfavorable circumstances.

Luckily, products, for instance, CBD gummies for anxiety and other edibles can have a significantly positive influence on anxiety symptoms. In fact, a lot of anxiety sufferers had reported decreased anxious thoughts, better quality sleep, and a remarkable improvement in general mood, when they started consuming CBD for anxiety.

From tinctures and oils to gummies and other edibles, there’s a choice for every taste, and all of them seem to have a comparable positive result.

CBD and Depression

Disabling almost 322 million people worldwide, depression has recognized as the #1 cause of psychological disability. Classified under the DSM-5 criteria as the most prevalent mood disorder, depression can wreak havoc in your entire life upside down, causing low self-esteem, emotional pain, fatigue, feelings of helplessness, sleep-related problems, and even thoughts of suicide.

Although mental health professionals and researchers have dedicated to the study of this condition, there are times when ‘conventional’ treatments don’t seem to work.

Since traditional medicines require time to kick-in once started as well accompany an amazingly high profile of adverse effects, perhaps it seems like a good idea that sufferers need to examine CBD-based products as a potentially less-worrisome alternative.

Many depression sufferers have revealed that CBD oil for depression proves to be fairly useful in alleviating the troublesome symptoms of depression. By attaching on the receptors present in the endocannabinoid system, edibles like CBD gummies for depression prove to be highly efficacious in regulating appetite, mood, sleep, and even pain.

Neurochemistry and CBD

Having the ability to interact directly with the endocannabinoid system, CBD can give result in significant changes in the neurochemistry of our brain.

Experts reveal that through this system, Cannabidiol can have a positive impact on the stress receptors in the hippocampus – component of your brain in charge of emotional thought processing.

The fact that kingdom Animalia, i.e., Humans and animals, have an endogenous system explicitly designed to process cannabinoids is amazingly fascinating. In a way, it appears that nature has already prepared our bodies with the means to get the advantage of this amazing compound.

CBD Oil Dosage

Considering this business is relatively nascent, there aren’t any super strict regulations regarding when it comes to the use of CBD. In fact, as one study quoted above discovered, even high doses of cannabidiol prove to be innocuous.

Still, the FDA has yet to reveal a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for CBD gummies dosage. The only recommendations come from brands that sell and produce CBD oil, and their estimations can range from 15 to 50 mg.
As you can possibly imagine, it’s rather challenging to zero-in on an exact dosage bearing in mind all the variables – body chemistry, weight, the severity of the condition, and so on – that scientists need to consider.

Nevertheless, experts recommend you start slow with the best CBD gummies and increase the dosage progressively. Also, make sure to check with your physician before considering this treatment decision.

CBD Oil Side Effects

We know what you’re thinking, are there any detrimental side effects related to the constant use of CBD gummies near me?

First of all, it’s crucial to understand that CBD oil, and subsequently, any product that holds this compound, do not result in euphoric states. Since Cannabidiol can be acquired from both agricultural hemp and marijuana plants, some of us might still be under the impression that it can get you ‘high.’

Although both marijuana and hemp are a component of the cannabis family, CBD-based products do not hold any THC – the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Additionally, treatment plans that involve CBD have evidently been useful not just in fighting severe, often terminal, illnesses but also in trivial conditions that can affect our general sense of health and wellbeing.

After decades of studies, researchers have yet to recognize what is CBD gummies downsides any potentially harmful side effects related to regular use of CBD-based stuff.

In short, this product is safe, natural, organic, and quite effective in treating various physical or psychological issues.

Whether you prefer the fruity taste of CBD gummies or the soothing effect CBD body balm, the positive effects of Cannabidiol are guaranteed to turn any skeptic into a firm believer.

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